The 2016 Kennewick Grid Kids season is upon us! We all look forward to another great season for this year. None of this is possible without the support of the City of Kennewick, volunteers, coaches, players and the many parents that support this league. Thank you!

There are a few changes for the 2016 season that everyone need to be made aware of.

First and foremost, Kennewick Grid Kids will be offering online registration this season! You can register your player for tackle or flag football online, but will need to register all cheerleaders in person at one of the registration dates below. After you have completed your online registration, you will need to bring the following to one of the weigh-in dates below:

Football registration is now closed.

All information below can be found on the KGK Handouts portion of the website:

Registration Costs

New Players Returning Players
1st Child $150 $130
Siblings $115 $95
Flag Football $50 $50
Late Fee $30 $30

*** Late Fee is assessed after July 31st.

This year we increased our registration costs, however we are going to give you an opportunity to offset that cost by selling 5 Discount Cards for $10 each and you keep the money. That means you will SAVE $50 on your registration costs! Cards will be handed out at the weigh-in/gear dates.

Age Requirements

Participants must be 5-6 years old for flag football and 7-13 years old for tackle football as of September 1st, 2016. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the participant at the time of registration/weigh-ins. A Birth Certificate copy must be submitted to KGK at the time of registration/weigh-ins for all players who did not play in 2015. No exceptions will be granted.

Cheerleading will be offered to individuals ages 5-13 years old. All cheerleading participants must register in person and

NOTE: 6 yr olds that have an older sibling playing can chose flag or tackle football.  Once a child has chosen to play flag football, they will not be allowed to participate in tackle football as a 6 yr old.

Weight Requirements

Kennewick Grid Kids tries to do everything we can to reduce the risk of serious injury while playing this game we love.  Because of that, Kennewick Grid Kids has always had a weight limit restriction.  KGK distributes its players into different squads based upon the weight limits of all the registered participants. Therefore, we may not know what squad your child will ultimately play on until the time of the new player tryouts.

With that said, KGK does institute a MAXIMUM player weight limit for all of its participants. All players must weight no more than 185 pounds at the time of registration.  Any player weighing 155 or more will not be able to carry the ball. All players 150 pounds or more will need to weigh in every game day, prior to their team’s warmups, to declare position eligibility.

If a child fails the first weigh-in, they will be eligible for ONE re-weigh during one of the 2016 regular registration sessions listed below if they did not exceed the weight limit for their age group by more than 10 pounds at their initial weigh in. There will be no exceptions. Pre weigh ins on KGK scales are not allowed under any circumstance.

Important Date and Times

Date Time Description Location
Tue. July 12th 6pm – 8pm 2016 Registration Eastgate Park
Tue. July 19th 6pm – 8pm 2016 Registration Eastgate Park
Sat. July 23rd 10am – 12pm 2016 Registration Eastgate Park
Tue. July 26th 6pm – 8pm 2016 Registration Eastgate Park
Tue. August 2nd 6pm – 8pm 2016 LAST CHANCE Late Fee Registration Eastgate Park
Sat. August 6th 9am – 10am Equipment Exchange Eastgate Park
Sat. August 6th 10am – 3pm New Player Tryouts Eastgate Park
Sat. August 13th TBD New Player Draft (Coaches) Keewaydin Park Library
Mon. August 15th TBD First Practice TBD
Sat. September 10th All Day First Game Eastgate Park
Sat. September 10th All Day Picture Date Eastgate Park
Sat. October 8th All Day Pink Week Eastgate Park
Sat. October 29th All Day Playoffs Eastgate Park
Wed. November 2nd TBD Super Bowl Lampson Stadium

23 responses to “2016 Season Information”

  1. Hanna says:

    Is there anywhere else to get all of the info about cheerleader registration? The “note” about 6-year-olds and flag or tackle ball cuts off the information.

    • kgkadmin says:

      Sorry about the formatting issue. We will have to check out the mobile version of this page. (I assume that’s what you were looking at).

      As for cheerleading, more information can be found on their Facebook page at:

      The league does not have any other details other than the fact that they will be at the registration dates as well to sign girls up.

    • Brie says:

      Yes you just need to go to the kgk website or go to the kgk facebook page that should help you out

  2. Robert Rowett says:

    We are ready to roll!

  3. Christina says:

    Wow prices really have gone up it does not make it very affordable for people with more than one child also makes it very difficult for low-income families to afford a sport that theur child loves.. and why the reason for the increase are they going to provide cleats and water bottles?

    • kgkadmin says:

      I can understand your concern about the raising of the prices this season. We did not take this lightly I assure you. This is the first bump in prices in many years.

      As a part of this price bump, every registrant will get $50 in coupon cards that they can choose to sell to friends and families to recoup some of that money. You sell the cards, you keep the money. I hope this helps.

      You can also email our Treasurer for more information about scholarships. We award a handful of them every year.

  4. Angie G. says:

    just checking..if we register online, when do we get the equipment for the players?

    • kgkadmin says:


      After you have registered online, bring a copy of the paperwork with you to one of our 4 registration dates listed for July. There you will drop off your paperwork, get your player weighed in and then pick up equipment.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

  5. Aliva Manzo says:

    hi i just like to see how it works so its my child s first time so how much do i have to pay for cheerlding camp i do what her in it but how much is it and do i have to buy unform

  6. kgkadmin says:

    Hello Aliva,

    Our Cheerleading is ran separate from the football organization. So you may find a more complete answer from them on their KGK Cheerleading Facebook page or emailing them at

    You will have to buy a uniform, but they do have fundraising opportunities for you to be able to reduce that cost.

  7. We registered online but have not yet picked up equipment and weigh in. Can we do that tonight from 6-8 during last chance registration?

  8. joe says:

    Go Gridkids! Some real tough football played by some great kids!
    Where can a person donate to help out?

  9. kgkadmin says:

    Joe, we are always looking for the right fit for volunteers. Send us an email at and let us know how you would like to help.

  10. Quitib says:

    When does practice start …haven’t heard from our coach yet

  11. Trevor says:

    My son was given a helmet that doesn’t fit and was told he will get a new one before the season starts. We still haven’t received a helmet and practice starts tonight. What can we do to get my son a helmet so hes not behind in the required practices to participate in the first game

    Trevor J Curtis

  12. Sherry says:

    when does practice start for flag football guys? we havent hear a thing?

    • kgkadmin says:

      It looks like you received our original welcome email to you on August 5th. In that welcome email it says that you can expect to get further information about what team you are on by August 20th. Feel free to also follow us on Facebook for more up to date information as well.

  13. Trevor says:

    Can anyone tell me when I can exchange my sons helmet?

  14. Trevor says:

    If we cant make the equipment exchange during those times today. When is another exchange cause we went Wednesday but it was canceled and was told it was today but were out of town till noon today

  15. I just moved here from California, and we had some boys come by and asked for a donation for this program. They told me that the coach sent them out to collect donations. I want to know how legal is this, and why are the kids doing a fund raiser for this. Thank you Porfiria Sosa Mayfield

  16. Jimmie says:

    Go Rams!

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