2017 KGK Referee Information

Posted August 19th 2017

The 2017 Kennewick Grid Kids (KGK) season is about to begin and once again, KGK will be using high
school aged ex-KGK player and recommended individuals as game officials. For some officials, this will
be their fourth year of officiating, while for others it will be their 1st year. In any case, with training and
practice, we believe KGK officials will continue to deliver well officiated game to support the
development of the KGK football participants.

Since each of you has express interest in officiating for the 2017 season, we wanted to forward you
information regarding what we will accomplish to get the “KGK Officiating Team” ready.

The organizational structure has been modified for the 2017 season in that there will be only 6
organizations, instead of 8, as it was in the previous seasons. (The Tigers and Rams organizations have
been eliminated.) However, 5 squad levels (A through E) will be maintained. This means that there will
only be 15 games on a given weekend, as opposed to 19 games last year. The 2017 season will also be
adjusted to have a “Jamboree Weekend”, 5 regular season weekends, two expanded playoff weekends
and finally, the Super Bowl. With these changed we think you will see that there will be plenty of
opportunity to work and we will again look to balance the opportunities for all officials.

Listed below are the activities to be accomplished in preparing for the 2017 season:

  • August 20th – Expectations, responsibilities and Game Rules Training (2 hours)
  • August 27th – Expectations, responsibilities and Game Rules Training (2 hours)
  • September 9th – Jamboree Weekend and On-field Training (2 to 3 hours)

The time and locations of the August training sessions are to be determined (most likely before noon).
The Jamboree Weekend activities will be as the KGK Fields (Eastgate Park). The regular season
weekends (games) begin on September 16th.

In order to be eligible to officiate game this year, you must have complete one of the training sessions
on August 20th or 27th, as well as the September 9th Jamboree Weekend and On-field Training. In the
event that you have an unavoidable conflict, we will work with you to supplement these training
opportunities. However, it may not be able to be accomplished prior to the start of the regular season

We hope you are excited to work and develop this season.

Please send one of us a reply, via text, with your name and confirming you plan to officiate this season.
Also, include the date of which of the August training sessions you plan on attending. (Let us know if
you have conflicts and/or as conflicts arise.)

Thank you, see you soon and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Damian Padilla
(509) 521-9929

Chris Wiltz
(509) 995-1899